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Neurological Rehabilitation

Chiropractic neurology is based on the studies of modern Clinical Neuroscience, a research and evidence based approach to treating the central nervous system utilizing receptor based therapies. Neurological rehabilitation is based on the concept of brain or neuronal plasticity. When the brain stops functioning properly whether due to injury or a degenerative process, the body stops working properly. A main reason this breakdown occurs is due to the inability of the brain to interpret the incoming information from our environment appropriately.

This dysfunction may present as follows (to mention a few):

  • Dizziness

  • Balance problems

  • Headaches

  • Focusing issues

With Neurological Rehabilitation, the job of the doctor is to perform a detailed neurologic examination using cutting edge technology in order to determine where specifically the weakness exists in the brain or nervous system. Thereafter, the goal is to perform unique exercises such as computer generated eye exercises or vestibular exercises that will target those weak areas of the nervous system. The exercises help to stimulate and strengthen the compromised areas via neuronal plasticity, thus improving function and reducing symptoms.

This type of neurological rehabilitation has significantly helped patients with concussions, headaches, peripheral neuropathy, musculoskeletal issues and balance disorders improve their quality of life.


Dave Windell, Archaeologist, Chris Windell, Educator

Spiros Ioannidis' chiropractic treatments and neurological expertise have been an enormous help to both of us. I suffered from serious low back pain but also problems breathing due to emphysema and I had just had a haemorrhage in the brain when I first went to Spiros. Not only did he relieve my back pain completely in just a few visits but he also improved my breathing enormously by freeing up the muscles of my chest. As if that wasn't enough Spiros' neurological knowledge helped in my recovery from the brain haemorrhage and was a truly great benefit to my overall health. His maintenance treatments are, literally, irreplaceable.

My wife, Chris, also suffered from low back pain and nerve pain in the shoulders. Spiros' treatments were again completely successful and the maintenance treatments kept her free of pain for many years.

We have both been very impressed that Spiros puts in so much effort to be up-to-date in all his work, particularly the complexities of the neurological aspects, so that he can give his patients the best treatment and advice. Sadly for us, he has moved back to Canada and I can't find words to express how much we and our health miss his care.

Katrina Gormley, National Geographic Writer, Editor, Educator

I can only sing Spiros’ praises. When I first visited his practice, I was experiencing excruciating lower back pain. Thanks to Spiros’ sessions, I went from finding even the simplest movements extremely difficult to make to feeling like I was walking on air! Spiros is a true professional who really got to the root of my problem and helped me to make fundamental shifts in my lifestyle. Not only are his therapy sessions effective and relieving, but Spiros also has a special ‘bag of tricks’ - some easy yet super-effectual neurologically based exercises you can do anywhere in your own time. I truly believe Spiros’ overall approach ensures a sustainable recovery. I've managed to completely revamp my lifestyle. Thanks for playing your part in allowing me to do that.

Irina Angelova, Attorney, Senior Human Rights Officer Human Rights Division, United Nations House, UNMISS

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with Dr. Ioannidis in treating my health related issues. My professional career exerts a substantial amount of stress that I learned was only making my imbalanced autonomic nervous system even worse. The robust program that I enrolled in with Dr. Ioannidis involved a very detailed examination in order to determine where I had problems in my nervous system. This was followed by sessions involving unique eye exercises that made my whole system feel better. He introduced me to a very new and advanced treatment that really helped where no one else could. Thank you

Evangelos Giovanis, Award Winning, Hollywood Writer Director

Being on vacation in Greece and suffering from a flare up of severe lower back pain, due to a long-time injury from my past, I was referred by a friend to see Dr. Ioannidis. Over several visits with the doctor, his advanced, sound, yet modern methods of treatment cured me of my lower back pain. During my treatment, Doctor Ioannidis took the time to explain my symptoms, treat my condition and heal me. Therapy sessions were never rushed and I felt at ease, even in my condition. Prices were very reasonable as well. I highly recommend Dr. Ioannidis.

Alan and Vivien Hassenfeld, Hassenfeld Family Initiatives/Hasbro Toy Company

We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ioannidis for the treatment of a tennis injury as well as a muscle imbalance issue. Dr. Ioannidis came highly recommended and followed through on providing the both of us with a unique, high quality treatment that helped us back on our way. His experience directed me towards receiving the most suitable diagnostic image quickly resulting in a prompt diagnosis and proper treatment. He took the time to explain how muscular conditions can be neurologically rooted and even gave us the tools to re-establish central balance. I appreciate his knowledge and understanding of the human nervous system along with his ability to apply it, producing unquestionable results.

Sevasti Elefteriou

We began treatment with Dr. Ioannidis approximately three years following my husbands Hemorrhagic brainstem stroke. At that point in time, my husband was only capable of seeing blurred shadows due to what I later learned, was called nystagmus. Due to the extent of his stroke, he essentially had no balance whatsoever. However, following extensive treatment with Dr. Ioannidis, my husband can now see much better and even reads the subtitles on tv. Furthermore, because his nystagmus (dancing eyes) has improved dramatically he is now beginning to maintain his balance enough to perform physical therapy exercises. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and improved quality of life.