Dr. Jim: An Update

Hello to all of the many wonderful patients that I have had the honour of working with over these many years.  After a 12 month absence from the practice I thought I should give you an update of what has been going on in my life.  I know there have been many questions asked of the doctors and staff regarding why I’m not working and how I have been spending my time.

As many of you know, I had experienced a protracted period of severe, degenerative arthritis at the base of my left thumb.  After a few years of coping, my thumb decided not to cooperate with the game plan any longer and I was forced to have surgery.

Without getting into the nasty details, my surgeon did a beautiful job of rebuilding my hand so that it would be stable and relatively pain free.  Pain free, that is, after a longer than expected healing process.  Although rehab therapy started early (1 week post op) I was required to take things very slowly and cautiously.  But my hand did steadily improve and after 6 months I was given permission to start attempting to play my guitar again.  What a mess.  Limited strength, range of motion, and endurance had me playing for 5 minutes max.  With perseverance and time I am now spending longer periods with my music.

During the early phase of healing when I was more restricted, I did a lot of reading.  Of course I’ve kept up with my professional, continuing education.  But I have also had more time to read for pleasure.  Feel like I should have joined a book club.  I have also taken advantage of my time off by taking a few extended holidays to the Caribbean.  Finally able to really take advantage of that Time Share.

Recently I attended with my surgeon for reassessment.  He has suggested that I remain off until he re-evaluates my situation in early September.  Although I continue with steady improvement and I am able to do many activities of daily life, the demands of my job are unique.  I have been testing my ability to attempt an adjustment.  As much as I miss my work, and especially my relationships with all of you, I’m not physically capable.  Yet!

What I am capable of is being a resource for you.  With the assistance of Heather, I will be making regular contributions to our office bloq.  If you have particular topics that you would to see discussed, please submit them to our wonderful staff.  I will do my best to address your concerns.

Yours in health,

Dr. Jim