Some of the Therapies Utilized in Chiropractic Neurology


I am often asked the question, How is Chiropractic Neurology different from traditional Chiropractic with respect to treatment modalities? The answer, is that in Chiropractic Neurology, we often utilize receptor based therapies in order to target injured or weakened areas of the brain.  Following a thorough examination in conjunction with Video Oculography and Computerized Posturography, we can better determine what areas of the nervous system are not functioning up to par. Thereafter, utilizing therapies such as vestibular exercises, computer based eye exercises and eye light therapy to mention a few, we are able to target these compromised regions.  


    The vestibular system is one of the oldest parts of the inner ear and is located in the temporal bone.  This system responds to movement of the head relative to space and gravity furthermore, it is responsible for letting us know where our head is in space.  The peripheral vestibular system along with other important structures such as the cerebellum, the proprioceptive system and visual system are responsible for allowing us to move from one position to the next appropriately.  This system is multimodal, which means that the vestibular nuclei are affected by different sensory systems as such we may use the vestibular system to help correct imbalances that may occur in these different sensory systems.  For example, a patient that is suffering from a vestibular neuritis that is causing vertigo may benefit from vestibular exercises involving quick head turns coupled with specific eye movements in order to retrain the brain to compensate for and stop the sensation of dizziness.

Another common tool used in Chiropractic Neurology is a customized computer generated eye exercises program. The concussed patient has seen great benefits by utilizing customized computer generated eye exercises.  Recent studies have even shown that eye movement training results in positive changes in EEG (electroencephalogram) with patients that have suffered brain injury. Similarly, by performing eye exercises that are customized to a patients specific weakness, we can remediate eye dysfunction which is the cause of many symptoms suffered by a patient that has been diagnosed with a concussion.  These are just a few of the unique tools that are utilized in treating a variety of patients ranging from musculoskeletal injuries to concussions and even improving human performance in healthy athletes.