Feel better this winter!

Here we are everyone!  The winter of 2019 and it can be a difficult time to feel good about (and in) your body.  Let’s face it, this isn’t typically the most motivating time of the year. The days can still feel short, the sun doesn’t always shine and it can be a struggle to stay positive.  When we hear the words “self-care” (and boy do we hear that a lot) ideas come to mind such as bath bombs and manicures. But I think real self care starts with taking care of your mindset and general everyday mood.  Most people find that if they start to take care of their mental well-being, then it is easier to take care of their physical well-being too.

I use to be a real winter hater.  I admit to probably being the most annoying complainer of the snow, ice and cold.  But something has shifted in me and I’m learning to embrace (maybe even like??) the winter months.  What has changed is my winter weather gear to keep me warm and my general willingness to get outside for hikes, sledding, skiing (I’m just a terrible skiier) and skating.  I think the key to surviving these months is to get outside and participate in something that gives you some natural daylight, exercise and fresh air. The routine of running between the car/bus, work and home without any contact time with the natural environment is a sure recipe for the winter blues.  

If you are a current patient at Back to Health, you know that we are constantly espousing the benefits of an active lifestyle and this can’t stop for 3 months of the year when the weather is less than ideal.  A brief 15 minute walk around the block can get your joints moving and clear your head. Start with small goals to improve your natural daylight exposure and time spent outside. Your spine and mind will be more flexible when you get outside and keep moving.

-Dr. Shawna